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Habibi (حَبيبي) is an Arabic word that literally means my beloved (of a male; the female form is habibati, or colloquially habibti), from the adjective habib (beloved). It is commonly also used for friend, darling, and similar endearments.

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Haifa Wehbe Habibi Ana
A song by band System 7 from their 1991 album System 7
Habibi Dah, a 2000 album, including the song "Habibi Dah (Nari Narain)", by Egyptian pop singer Hisham Abbas
"Habibi Ya", a love song by Egyptian pop singer Mohamed Fouad from his album Habibi Ya.
"Habibi Ya Malak", "Habibi Lil Abad", and "Habibi Ma Nseet", songs by Lebanese singer Darine Hadchiti from his 2006 album Irtahlak Albi
"Etef Habibi", a song by Syrian singer Asalah Nasri from her 2001 album Moshtaqah
"Fen Habibi", a song by Syrian singer Asalah Nasri from her 2005 album Aadi
"Habibi" a song by the artist Prince an internet only release from his website in the early 00's.
"Habibi wala ala balo" a song by the artist Amr Diab.
"Habibi (je t'aime)" a song by the group Milk & Honey
"Habibi", a song by Firefox AK from the 2006 album Madame, Madame!.
Habibi, a gay party, held monthly in New York City, that focuses on but is not limited to Arabic & Middle Eastern culture.
Michael Franti made a movie documentary called I Know I'm not Alone where he toured the Middle East spreading the word of peace. Throughout the countries he sang a song to new friends entitled "Habibi".
A song by M.I.A. "Hussle"
"Habibi Habibi" a Tamil song from the movie Sadhu Miranda (2008)

Хабиби (араб. حَبيبي‎‎) — арабское слово, означающее «(мой) любимый» (в мужском роде, в женском звучит как хабибати или в разговорной форме хабибти), от прилагательного хабиб — «любимый». Используется при указании на чувство любви в романтическом смысле и в других контекстах — «дорогой» (друг), «милый» и проч. Очень часто используется в арабских песнях.