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Iced Out Eskimoz Whataburger Lyrics

Lyrics, transcription and exegetical translation, here

Big Yeast
Hey yo Lil' Skittle, whatchu wanna do?
I'm gettin' pretty hungry so I need some food.

Lil Skittle
Hey yo Big Yeast, I'm hungry too.
I heard the muthafuckin' Whataburger got a drive-thru.

Big Yeast
I'm down homey, I'll drive, you pay.

Lil Skittle
San Felipe, or the, Katy Freeway?

Big Yeast
Forget Katy Freeway I'm choosin' the Felipe,
Gotta do it that way, it's the only way.
Thinkin' bout number 2, $6.22.

Lil Skittle
But if you Whatasize it's $6.75 fool.

Big Yeast
Thinkin' bout plain-n-dry, Fanta with some Sprite,
Namdar's servin' so you know it's all right.

Comin' back, 11 o'clock, a late night taquito,
I choose that any day over a T-bell burrito.

You know I'm reppin' W-H-A-T-burg.
All the other places yo I've kicked to the curb.

Taquito, no potato, burger got tomato,
You know I eat a lot like my name's Kelvin Cato.

Lil Skittle
Wait up Big Yeast as I pull up to the menu,
Someone in the back says, "Hello may I help you?"

Yes you may, I'd like a number 2 please,
And you know I wanna add double cheese.

"Well all right, which drink do you choose from?"
You know I want Coke, and then I add the rum.

I'd also like to Whatasize, I gotta have a lotta fries,
I'm hungry man you can see it in my muthafuckin' eyes.

So don't despise or treat me like a hoe,
"I'm sorry sir could you pull up to the window."

Big Yeast
I sit down chillin', and eat my grub,
I bite into that burger that you know I love.

If I go to Gessner, I'll probably get shot,
San Felipe – my number one spot.

I mack through chillin', you know Skittles with me,
I dive into my fries, they always extra crispy.

I'm restin' in a booth more cozy than my couch,
I look at my burger man it's bigger than my house.

The restaurant feelin', you know it's real nice,
I glance at the drink machine, it's got lots of ice.

I eat all my food, I'm never gonna waste.
And I go to Whataburger man my #1 place.

Lil Skittle
I pull up to the window, flip out my plastic,
I'm eatin' Whataburger til I'm nailed in my casket.

I'm signin' Little Skittle when I get the receipt,
You know they only usin' Grade-A Angus meat.

Every time I roll through, they treat me like royalty,
I come back everyday just to show 'em my loyalty.

I order my food, they get it to me quick,
No need to check the bag, they don't mess up my shit.

When I roll out, you know I'm on the celly,
I'm waitin' for the moment when this burgers in my belly.

I finish my meal, it fill me up right,
Thank you Whataburger you just made Skittle's night.

Iced Out Eskimoz
Whataburger, the place to be, the proud sponsor of I.O.E.,
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